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PFQAC Virtual Presentations

PFQAC is pleased to announce that due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are now offering three different virtual Zoom presentations to QAC residents, home associations, civic associations, and faith organizations on the issue of single-use plastic, as well as recycling. A fourth, three part workshop will be launching in the spring of 2021.

These presentations are roughly a half hour to one hour in length, and include time for Q and A. Please note that each presentation can be adapted to the needs of your group and time frame.

In addition, each presentation can build easily into a 3 or 4 part series for more in depth learning.

For more information or to schedule a free presentation for your group, contact:

Laura Connor at

PFQAC presentation descriptions:

1) “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” – In 2020 we are surrounded by plastic in our homes, and almost all of our food is packaged in it! While there are many benefits that plastic has provided over the years, it also comes with many harmful effects. This presentation dives into those alarming effects that plastic has on our health our environment and the future of our world. While this is disturbing, there are many steps each of us can take to reduce these effects on our bodies.

2) “The Plastic Pollution Problem” - Take a look at plastic pollution from 30,000 feet above! We examine the worldwide issue of plastic pollution, what is being done about the problem, and what we can do about it here in Queen Anne’s County. This presentation informs and inspires each of us to make changes in our own lives to help reduce plastic pollution. The choices you can make will become clear, and then its up to you to choose the one(s) you want to make!

3) “How to Recycle Effectively” - Everyone has questions about recycling and we know first hand how confusing it can be! Learn the mystery of your recycling’s trail – where does it go and how is it used? Discover the importance of recycling, and how it works in Queen Anne’s County. This presentation details many best recycling practices, no matter where you live. You’ll be surprised to learn what can and can’t be recycled!

4) “Building A Plastic Free Lifestyle”- Available Spring 2021


Ready to build more plastic free habits in your life? This 3 part workshop is a virtual learning experience uniquely designed to create long lasting behavior change. Participants will be guided through exercises that assess their consumption of single-use plastics, identify and prioritize plastic products that can be replaced, and increase participation in plastic free advocacy. This workshop promises to be a fun, interactive, and user friendly experience for all.

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